Who is SLAB?

SLAB is a global mobile game publishing company that helps you be everywhere your potential users are. SLAB supports seamless distribution to a plenty of different app stores with a single click.


The huge problem today is that mobile game developers today balance too many time-consuming, manual processes just to get their games in the hands of the large global audience. For many developers without the resources and knowledge required for large-scale game distribution, they are always competing on unequal footing with the large publishers and developers or too reliant on landing an elusive publisher.

SLAB is the first 100% automated AI-powered platform for store optimization and localization enabling all developers to distribute mobile content on a massive scale resulting in 1,000%+ increase in organic/earned installs.

Our Mission

Fully automated AI-powered end-to-end workflows optimization platform for self-publishing games.

Empowering developers to reach the widest audience possible in the shortest amount of time, with the goal in increasing installs on  a massive scale.

Ambitious Singaporean VC-backed start-up founded by industry vets with deep experience in games, with several titles successfully self-published.

Team spans 7 nationalities across South East Asia and Europe.

Red Wall & Stairs

Our Core Values


Look for ways to continuously improve our clients’ and our existing solutions and practices

Boldly Proactive

We dare to take risks and fix problems we see, and not wait for others to take action


We take full responsibility for our actions and own up to mistakes quickly    

Social Impac

As we focus on reducing inequities between mobile developers, we also strive to play our role in addressing the massive inequities in our society. SLAB has adopted certain goals stated by UN DESA which inform our business practices. [Put this last value at the bottom across the two columns]


We are a diverse team - in nationalities, personalities, experiences and opinions - and strong because of it


Everyone has the right to be critical and put forth ideas on how we can make things better                                          


If you don’t know something, try to figure it out - and then document it, so everyone can benefit