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SLAB Helps Your Mobile Game Rise To The Top

At SLAB, we have built a fully automated AI-powered platform for self-publishing mobile games developers . When you sign up your game with us, we ensure a swift and localized distribution of your mobile game on a massive scale through all global app stores (Apple App Stores and Google Play Stores), resulting in the boost your content needs in order to be seen by your target audience. So if you’re self publishing mobile games, we’re your ideal growth partner!

Turbocharge Your Growth

Instant localized launch in all Apple App Stores and Google Play Stores. You reach the widest audience possible in the shortest amount of time, enabling the distribution of your mobile games on a massive scale through all global app stores.

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Localized, Optimize, Repeat

Automated and continuous A/B/C testing of keywords, icons, graphics across all stores and countries ensures that your game’s growth is always maximized. You can now focus on more important matters - like your game and community.

Simplified Dashboard & Control

Leave out all the noise that comes from too much data and needless information bombardment, which simply complicates all the manual work you need to do anyway. SLAB’s dashboard gives you all the data you need to monitor your app growth performance - and better still, the platform does all the app distribution and storefront optimization with you always in control. 

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Maximize Your Potential

SLAB gives you the headspace and saves a ton of time, which can be better utilized on game improvement

and increasing revenues!


Why Choose SLAB?

  • With a couple of simple clicks, the mobile game is localized for launch in all Apple App Stores and Google Play Stores worldwide

  • Automated storefront optimization with keywords, icons and graphics

  • Fully transparent solution - all information used by SLAB to optimize the game is displayed on your SLAB  dashboard

  • You are always in control. You always owns your games and have the option to choose manual or automated optimization cycle

  • No more fudging around with information from multiple sources, cumbersome spreadsheets, and other time-sink workflows! 


Early Access Partners Get SLAB Premium Solution For Free!

Our Optimizer Premium is free to use until March 2022.

So what are you waiting for?


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